Michael Jackson is recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records for “greatest audience.” His Super Bowl XXVII halftime performance attracted 133.4 million viewers.

“Sales of large-screen televisions increase five times during Super Bowl week.” National Electronic Dealers Association

“This isn’t 18-24 year olds. This is 8 to 80, truly.” Alex Coletti, Producer, MTV, explaining the Super Bowl’s generation-spanning appeal

“Women watch the Super Bowl more than the championship of any other male sport. An estimated 57 million women watched Super Bowl XXXII, [which was] about 40 Percent of all viewers.”

(I’ve watch football with a bunch of girls in the room, and all they could comment about was which one they thought was the cutest team and they wanted them to win. Just kidding girls. I love you BABY!!! You know I’m not talking about you.)

$2.2 million worth of Patriots’ merchandise was sold through NFLShop.com the week after Super Bowl XXXVI, the largest-ever seven-day sales period for the online merchant. —Sports Illustrated and Sports Business Journal

The NFL helped add a wrinkle to sports history when it allowed fans to help decide the Super Bowl XXXV Most Valuable Player by voting on SuperBowl.com.

The Vince Lombardi Trophy is presented each year to the winner of the Super Bowl for permanent possession.

“Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest day of food consumption behind onlyThanksgiving.” American Institute of Food Distribution

Would you like a Vince Lombardi trophy with that?

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