Sketching wire frames

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Found this great post the other day about tools for sketching user experience. I already have a Moleskine that purchased several months back and so now I downloaded some wireframe templates from Adaptive Path. I know his post is a few years old, but it did have a bunch of useful info. And good info […]

Why do you do what you do?

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Why do you do what you do? How great leaders and organizations are able to inspire while others aren’t? Almost a year ago, a co-worker sent an email out to the rest of the marketing department, at Genworth Financial Wealth Management (GFWM), containing a link to a video on TED, regarding those same questions. It […]

Infographic love

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I just got my espn magazine and there’s just something about sports and stats that just go hand-in-hand. This is just beautiful! Bad pictures from my phone but still beaufitful designs. UPDATE: Just downloaded the ESPN magazine app on my iPad and noticed that the layout is different. Gives a little more insight on how […]

I love my moleskine

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I read an article about how Moleskine (pronounced “mol-a-skeen-a”) developed and created a successful brand recently on Fascinating article. “Moleskine is a cultural icon. It is not a simple notebook, and it is not a commodity, but a free platform for creativity.” – Maria Sebregondi, Head of Brand Equity and Network Relations Great quote. A […]

Designing and Developing HTML Emails

Designing and Developing HTML Emails

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  Designing and developing for HTML emails is a totally different animal than for web. With web, you have to design keeping in mind that most screen resolution nowadays is 1024×768 and how different browsers and platforms render a site. With email, on top of those items for web, you also have to think about […]

New Website

New Website

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I haven’t updated my website in 5 years and now so it’s about time that I do that. v1 has been up for 8 or 9 years. Never had a chance to finish v2. Don’t think I want to. So now it’s time for v3 to have it’s reign!