I have always been fascinated with drawing and technology, even as a child when I first saw Mobile Suit Gundam and when my brothers and I got our first Atari and Commodore 64 systems. Those items brought on an endless journey where my brothers and I would spend countless hours playing on those systems or watching the anime. As I got older, those passions led me to copy illustrations of my favorite cartoons or comics, such as X-men or Robotech, or to make my own flip books or comics. In college, I studied as an illustrator because of my love of drawing but when I first took a design class, I fell for the computer and what I could do with it.

I have now been professionally involved in web design for the past 10 years, when I first got the opportunity to learn how to do it when I was a production artist at the National Football League. Since then it has taken off, and I have been learning as much as I can. Having been trained traditionally, as well as having a thirst for knowledge in the digital media, I am able to jump from being a creative thinker and designer to being a developer and technician.

Since technology is ever evolving as well as the way we consume information, and with media exponentially growing, I will be continuously learning and growing myself.

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“Top notch in every respect. Scary talented. Outstanding worker. Very unassuming.”

—Bill Barron, Vice President, General Manager, National Football League